POLET (Political Economy of Energy Transitions) is an academic initiative aimed to increase knowledge about energy transitions with help from political science, energy economics and technology studies. These disciplines are at the roots of what we call the three perspectives on energy transitions:

  • the techno-economic perspective which focuses on dynamics of demand and constraints of supply as driving forces of energy transitions;
  • the socio-technical perspective which considers transitions as resulting from technological innovations embedded in socio-technical systems capable of rapid non-linear shifts; and
  • the political perspective which considers transition as resulting from deliberate political action shaped by ideas, interests and institutions;

This website publishes reviews of significant and interesting research and popular publications analyzing energy transitions from the three perspectives as well as original analysis. We strive to prepare our posts in academically rigorous yet generally accessible manner to facilitate a dialogue between the three disciplinary communities.

This website was initially supported by the Transformations to Sustainability programme of the International Social Sciences Council (ISSC). Since 2015, POLET functions as one of the ISSC's Transnational Knowledge Networks. From 2016, POLET is supported by Central European University's Intellectual Themes Initiative. From 2018, entries on this blog are also supported by Research Council of Norway under the Climate change research program.

This site features posts of several contributors.

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