Energy balances and flows 1960 for OECD countries, 1971 for most other countries. Includes Sankey diagrams and subsidy data for the biggest fossil fuel subsidizers.

Energy taxes and prices for OECD countries + energy subsidy data for OECD countries and BRIICS (Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India, Indonesia, China).

Energy taxes and prices beyond OECD countries.

Maintained by the UNSTAT, these data cover the period from 1950 for most of the countries. They use different units and different sectors than standard OECD data sets.

Maintained by the International Atomic Energy Agency, PRIS provides information on all nuclear power reactors in the world including their capacity, date of construction and decommission.

WEPP provides information on more than 210,000 power plants in over 200 countries. It is maintained by Platts and available commercially.

Nuclear Energy Agency. Data on Uranium mining, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication and reprocessing.

Energy resources and electricity in the US. Historical data, trends, and projections.

Energy resource and market data, energy outlook.

International renewable energy data and statistics.

Carbon Monitoring for Action – carbon emissions of more than 60,000 power plants and 20,000 power companies in every country on Earth.

Historical data

Two datasets: US EIA Historical Statistics and Etemad & Luciani.

Historical energy data that underlies the analysis in Kander, A., Malanima, P., & Warde, P., Power to the People. Energy in Europe over the last five centuries (2014).