Central European University is looking for a doctoral researcher in political economy of energy transitions under the supervision of Professor Aleh Cherp in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. The position is fully funded for 3.5 years starting from September 2016. We are looking for a curious and critical person who is interested in an academic career and has a demonstrated competence and/or ability to learn qualitative or quantitative research methods for analysing energy and related social and political systems.

The research project will be designed during the first year in-line with the student's competencies and interests. Possible research projects could include analysis of political factors shaping renewable energy deployment, nuclear energy governance and case study research on national energy transitions. The doctoral program is research intensive with coursework in the first year to support the development of the student's PhD dissertation. Past PhD students from the research group have gone on to academic jobs at ETH-Zurich, IIASA and University of Amsterdam.